MGA Games’ Aramís Fuster. La Bruja —top selling Spanish game in only 5 days
  1. The game release exceeded all expectations in the Spanish online casino industry.

  1. “Our goal is to design games that are both entertaining for the players and profitable for our operators.”

The long-awaited three-reel slot game "Aramís Fuster. La Bruja" included in the “Spanish Celebrities” game series by MGA Games— was launched in the Spanish gaming sector on December 12th amidst unparalleled expectations.

Spanish witch Aramis said to “have cast a spell” on the game’s popularity. Indeed, while her “Spanish Celebrities” fellows Chiquito, Barragán, El Dioni or Maria Lapiedra remain highly acclaimed celebs by online casino users, famous Spanish fortune-teller Aramis swamped everyone with her “in-only-5-days success”.

Indeed, the game made it to the very top of Spain’s highest-earning online casino games in less than one week, turning "Aramís Fuster. La Bruja" into the most illustrious “Spanish Celebrities” of the year. Its release caused a tremendous media hype in the online casino world.

"84% of our collaborating operators launched the game simultaneously,” says José Antonio Giacomelli, MGA Games General Manager. “We are talking about the highest media uproar ever seen in the Spanish game’s industry up to today. This accounts for the quality and effectiveness of our products."

"The key to our success is not what we do, but how we do it. We design products that both entertain our players (in terms of content, prizes and usability) and maximize the revenue of our operators. That is our essence and that’s what our clients know us for," boasts Giacomelli proudly.


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