MGA Games completes record year with long-awaited “Spanish Celebrities”, Aramís Fuster
  1. Following the success of the “Spanish Celebrities” collection, the slot has generated great anticipation among operators awaiting its release.

  1. The famous fortune-teller has participated in the production of all the audios, and has provided it with maximum realism and imbued it with her personality.

The latest launch of the “Spanish Celebrities” collection will place  MGA Games at the top of the online casino provider ranking. This is predicted by the most famous seer and witch on television, Aramís Fuster, who stars in the latest production by the company.

MGA Games closes on a high note a year full of novelties and successes. Since the company started its commitment to “Spanish Celebrities”, an original product especially designed for the Spanish market, the results and profitability of their slots have continued to grow and surprise. After the imprint left by “Spanish Celebrities” such as Chiquito, Barragán, "El Dioni" or Maria Lapiedra, operators were looking forward to the arrival of the latest proposal by MGA Games.

The best-known witch in Spain is the new “Spanish Celebrities” by MGA Games who will spread luck and fortune to everyone. Aramís Fuster claims to be 698 years old, which is the sum of the years lived in her previous seven lives. In her current life she has become a television celebrity whose popularity began in the 90s. Her career began after her participation in esoteric programs and in well-known realities such as "Hotel Glam". Afterwards, she was also part of the jury on "El Castillo de las Mentes Prodigiosas". More recently, she has participated in "Gran Hermano VIP" and, on numerous occasions, has appeared on the show "Sábado Deluxe".

As stated by José Antonio Giacomelli, General Director at MGA Games, "We are convinced that "Aramís Fuster. La Bruja" will grab the attention of all our customers and target audience. Beyond the title and well-known character, what moves us is the belief that we will be able to offer the best product on the market. Our “Spanish Celebrities” would not make sense if our slots did not stand out in the national online gambling scene. Our end goal is to obtain maximum performance from our productions and the highest customer satisfaction. MGA Games is a concept, not a product."

Set on the magical mountain of Tibidabo, "Aramís Fuster. La Bruja" will give you the opportunity to live an intense esoteric experience, filled with strong emotions, among potions, talismans and Tarot cards. The original, and easily recognizable, voice of the protagonist has been used in all the audios to provide greater realism and imbue it with the personality of Aramís.

Thanks to the Triple View and its four mini-games, the quality of the graphics and the completely immersive experience are among the stand out attributes of this new creation by MGA Games, which operators and users continue to be impressed by and admire.


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