This morning, in front of more 200 participants from all over the world, the company has presented its news for 2021

MGA Games is entering a new era: market expansion, greater innovation, and exclusive products with IP

  • 100% of the products that will launch next year will have the IP (Intellectual Property) image of a well-known character.
  • Yola Berrocal Wild West will be the first title in the Spanish Celebrities Casino Slots series that, in 2021, will put a new twist on the MGA Games 5-reel product.
  • The Grand Croupier Roulette will launch next year. This new and innovative roulette product has been designed especially for operators.
  • "Act Local, Think Global" is MGA Games' international strategy for entering Europe's new regulated markets, beginning with Portugal and the Portuguese Celebrities series.
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2021 will be MGA Games' year. There are many reasons to expect a spectacular season for the company: the celebration of its 20th anniversary, a clear commitment to international projection and constant innovation, the launch of a new range of Spanish Celebrities Casino Slots, as well as the development of a new line of casino roulette products. These fantastic developments were revealed this morning to the more than 200 participants who connected to MGA Games Day from around the world.

“It is inspiring to see how we all continue to adapt to this new situation in a standardised way. It is also inspiring to see how we all continue to fight, to the highest possible degree, for the health of our sector. This is the main reason behind organising MGA Games Day”, said CEO of MGA Games, Joan Sanahuja, during the first event. The 100% online event opened the doors to showcase the content and additions that the company will offer to its partner network next year.

José Antonio Giacomelli, director general of MGA Games, was in charge of revealing the surprising programme of slot launches for next season and has confirmed that games with IP (Intellectual Property) will continue to be MGA Games' best bet for 2021. "In fact, 100% of the products that will be launched next year will feature the image of a well-known character" – Giacomelli explained.

There will be 15 new products developed by MGA Games: 7 Spanish slots and 8 games from the new Spanish Celebrities Casino 5-Reel Slots series with improved audio, better mathematics and more surprising mini-games.

The year will start off strong with two brilliant launches in the first quarter. One of them is the Toi slot, featuring the popular character created by Jordi Catalá, who was a viral phenomenon and had great commercial and public success in Spain and Portugal. The second is well-known celebrity Yola Berrocal, who won reality TV show La Casa Fuerte alongside Leticia Sabater. Yola will star in the first slot in the new Spanish Celebrities Casino Slots series, strengthening MGA Games’ trend of 5-reel slots.

The surprises will keep coming throughout the year. MGA Games has something especially impressive in store for its 100th game, which the company will celebrate with the development of a sequel to the successful Chiquito de la Calzada.

The day continued with a presentation from Marga Fernández, Sales Director for MGA Games, who spoke about MGA Games’{2 ] other great asset for 2021: Internationalisation and opening up to new regulated markets. True to its “Act Local, Think Global” philosophy, based on the localisation of its products, the company will replicate the success of Spanish Celebrities in the different regulated markets in Europe. "We are keeping close to home", explained Fernández, as she spoke of MGA Games' strategy of making its neighbouring country, Portugal, one of its target markets. In the coming months, the Portuguese Celebrities range will be launched for operators in the country, featuring prominent figures from the world of sports and culture such as Paolo Futre, Fanny Rodríguez and Portuguese actress Diana Chaves.

Beyond Portugal, MGA Games plans to enter other European countries such as Bulgaria, Italy, Holland, Denmark and Sweden. It is already working on the certification of its products to achieve this. At the same time, it will continue to expand in Latin American countries with the large operators. “We began our launch in Latin America in Colombia and currently you can play our slots and video bingo games in most Latin American countries: Mexico, Argentina, Brazil, Chile and Peru. We are also in the process of certifying our games to launch in Costa Rica and Panama”– the Sales Manager of MGA Games remarked.

Innovation is, and will continue to be, one of the pillars of MGA Games in 2021. Roberto Ayala, R&D director of MGA Games, confirmed in his speech “we always want to go one step further and think about how to take our games to the next level. That is why our games will offer greater immersivity, greater entertainment, more immediacy with faster load times and greater control for operators, with improved calculations”.

Its policy of “going the extra mile” has led MGA Games to develop a new line of casino products, which will allow it to enter the table games market. The Grand Croupier Roulette will arrive in 2021. This meticulous and elaborate product, in the purest MGA Games style, promises to be a revelation.

The last presentation of the day was from Sara Gómez, the company's Head of Account Management, who wanted to address MGA Games' network of operators and share with them the different marketing strategies that the company has planned for next season and the key to getting the maximum profit with its slots. “We know 100% what the user is looking for in our slots and we give it to them", assured Sara Gómez. "We are known for being a close team and are always available to our operators. A specialised team that strives to offer what we know works well."

Finally, Joan Sanahuja, alongside José Antonio Giacomelli, oversaw closing the event and thanked participants for having accompanied them on this special day, at the beginning of the new era for MGA Games. “At MGA Games we prioritise user experience and maximise the performance of our collaborators. We were once the alternative and now we lead with conviction”, concluded the CEO of MGA Games.

If you were unable to attend the MGA Games Day, here is the complete video of the event:

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